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Latest Week 60

415 Business Student Sticks it to Wall Street with Inspirational Quotes
416 Corporate Marketer Plans Worldwide Trips for Women
417 Shopify Employee Sells Enough Apparel to Buy a French Bulldog
418 Gardening Mama Monetizes Frugal Living Blog
419 Lifestyle Change Leads Two Brothers to Open Leather Shop
Coming Feb. 23rd
420 Outdoorsman Sees the Forest for the Trees, Finds Financial Freedom
Coming Feb. 24th
421 Weekly Recap: Should You Open a Retail Store While Working a Job?
Coming Feb. 25th

Week 1

001 Create a New Source of Income without Quitting Your Job
002 British Man Earns $700/Month Writing Fish Tank Reviews
003 Candy Heart Hustle Becomes Six-Figure Second Income
004 Oil & Gas Sales Rep Makes $40,000 Reposting Online Photos
005 How One Man Used a $100 Microphone to Make Over $8,000
006 Single Mom Makes $15,000 from Astrology Calendar
007 WEEKLY RECAP: Where to Find Hustle Ideas
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Week 2

008 Cruise Vacation Turns Into Highly-Profitable Hustle
009 The Craigslist Wedding Photographer
010 Saddles for Pet Chickens: Get Ready to Wing It!
011 Ketogenic Cookbook Author Makes $1,000 the First Day
012 40,000 People Use This Web Developer's Side Hustle Every Day
013 Waldorf Teacher Designs Curriculum for Other Educators
014 WEEKLY RECAP: What Makes a Good Hustle
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Week 3

015 Graphic Designer Learns to Draw Caricatures for $250/Hr
016 Homemade Gin Kit Sells 75,000 Units
017 "Airbnb for Dogs": Woman Hosts Pets at Her Home for $200/Day
018 College Student Generates 50M Views on YouTube, Hires 13 Employees
019 Government Analyst Builds Six-Figure Reselling Business
020 Engineer Creates "Inertia Project" for Women
021 WEEKLY RECAP: Why Some Hustles Are Better than Others
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Week 4

022 17-Year Old Canadian Makes $7,000 from Holiday Pop-Up Shop
023 Guitar Teacher Sells Lessons on Craigslist and Makes $80/Hour
024 Honeymoon in Nepal Becomes Fashion Accessories Business
025 Pottery Barn Commissions Art from Independent Photographer
026 These Resume Templates Make $462/month in Passive Income
027 Stressed-Out Mom Gives Up TV to Launch Her Hustle
028 WEEKLY RECAP: Good Fortune Favors the Prepared
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Week 5

029 Hospital Database Programmer Outsources His Skills
030 Ohio IT Director Earns $31,000 Setting Up Wordpress Sites
031 A Visit to the Ballpark Inspires a Unique Fashion Item
032 Make $4,000/Month Renting Out Cars You Don’t Own
033 GE Engineer Sells Hand-Crafted Slate Artwork to All 50 States
034 Real Estate Consultant Fills Apartment Buildings with Original Artwork
035 WEEKLY RECAP: Observation, Validation, and Leasing 16 Cars
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Week 6

036 Fitness Pole Dance Studio Grows to 4 Locations
037 American Expat Coaches Families Who Move Overseas
038 Tour Guide Sells Astronomy Books to Tourists
039 "Live Snoop" Service Helps Parents Monitor Their Kids' Internet Use
040 Chicago Psychotherapist Becomes Ceremonial Wedding Officiant
041 USPS Mail Carrier Makes Clay Imprints for New Parents
042 WEEKLY RECAP: Pole Dancing and the Expat Life
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Week 7

043 Miserable Day Job Turns Into $100,000 Side Income
044 Charter Bus Employee Creates PR Service for Bloggers
045 UX Designer Creates "SimpleBra" to Help Women Feel More Comfortable
046 The Live Cricket Dropshipping Hustle
047 Gallup Coach Creates StrengthsFinder Mugs
048 New Yorker Doubles Her Income with Next-Level Tarot Cards
049 Weekly Recap: Live Crickets, Tarot, and Reinventing the Bra
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Week 8

050 Belgian Fine Chocolate Comes to America
051 "Cheap Plane Tickets" Site Becomes Million-Dollar Hustle
052 Facebook Photo Leads to Today Show Appearance
053 Queer Punk Artist Starts Personal Finance Workshop
054 Penny Portraits of Abe Lincoln Turn Into $40,000
055 T-Shirts on Amazon Make $17,000 in a Month
056 WEEKLY RECAP: Plane Tickets, Punk Art, and Abe Lincoln
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Week 9

057 Microsoft Employee Teaches Hula Hooping, Goes on Local News
058 50 Shades of Grey Inspires Bedroom Items Hustle
059 PE Teacher Makes $11,000 with Membership Site
060 Marketing Consultant Creates Private Retreats
061 Mom-Founded Startup Rents Infant Gear to Tourists
062 Elementary School Teacher Pans for Gold in New Zealand
063 WEEKLY RECAP: 50 Shades of Hustling
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Week 10

064 Long-Haired Men Create Tribal Identity
065 Finance Employee Sells 200,000 Self-Published Romance Novels
066 Accountant Starts Net-Zero Personal Finance Hustle
067 A Life of Travel Leads to a House-Designing Hustle
068 Alcohol Fueled Idea Sells Over 1,500 Shirts in Less Than a Year
069 NYC Jazz Musician Builds $40,000/Year Blog
070 WEEKLY RECAP: Tiny Houses, T-Shirts, and Romance Novels
EXTENDED CUT #2: 9 Starter Ideas for Your First Hustle
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Week 11

071 Woman Earns $7,000 in Three Days by Selling Glass Nail Files
072 College Lecturer Makes Money by Helping Other Instructors Teach Better
073 Florida Man Earns $100,000 Selling T-Shirts with No Inventory
074 Tango Adventures in Buenos Aires
075 British Pub Manager Bakes Pork Pies for Profit
076 Successful Artist Adds $1,000/Month to His Income
077 WEEKLY RECAP: Tango, Glass Files, and Pork Pies
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Week 12

078 Detroit Women Make Jewelry for Profit and Social Good
079 Worm Composting Empire Brings in $400/Month
080 South Carolina Man Learns to Make Candles by Watching YouTube
081 Freelance Illustrator Helps Other Artists Sell Their Work
082 Bartender Writes Statewide Marijuana Guide
083 Bridesmaid-for-Hire Posts on Craigslist; Earns $20,000/Month
085 WEEKLY RECAP: Social Good, Marijuana, and the Worm Empire
School Administrator Creates Digital Magazine for Goaltenders
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Week 13

086 Car Enthusiast Sells $1 Million in Products Over 13 Years of Hustling
087 College Student Earns $20,000 a Month Cleaning Houses
088 Father of 9 Starts “Uber for Tutoring” Hustle
089 College Bartender Turns Online Shopping Into Accidental Side Hustle
090 Academic Advisor Creates Profitable Karaoke League
091 Copywriter Carves 140 Characters into $50,000 in Cash
092 WEEKLY RECAP: Karaoke, Tutoring, and Reselling
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Week 14

093 Clothing Store Salesman Invents Baby Harness, Earns $100k Per Year
094 Stay-At-Home Mom Helps Immigrants Gain Citizenship with YouTube Tutorials
095 Craftsman Creates $350,000 Hustle from Handcrafted Leather Products
096 Instagram Calligraphy Project Earns $9,000 in Year One
097 Essential Oils Podcast Produces $2,000/Month in Passive Income
098 Unused Basement Becomes $3,000/Month Pilates Studio
099 WEEKLY RECAP: Citizenship & Calligraphy
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Week 15

100 Renegade Museum Tour Guide Earns $2 Million
101 Subscription Box Service Delivers Candy from Japan
102 Famous iPhone Photo Leads to Series of Online Courses
103 Data Scientist Starts Science Fiction Magazine
104 Show Me the Honey: Houston Beekeeper Buzzes to $4,000/Month
105 Mindreading Performer Goes from Dorm Room to Paid Corporate Gigs
106 WEEKLY RECAP: Japanese Candy, Museum Hacks, and Killer Bees
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Week 16

107 Snuggling for Dollars: It’s Not What You Think
108 Bikini Model Creates Multi-Million Swimsuit Line
109 Quick Research Leads to Meal Planning Subscription Service
110 Social Worker Turns De-stressing Hobby Into $2k/Month Hustle
111 Organic Chemist Earns Six Figures Blogging for Pre-Med Students
112 The 10-Minute Workout Gym
113 WEEKLY RECAP: Meal Planning, Swimsuits, and Snuggling
EXTENDED CUT #4: Simple Marketing Plan
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Week 17

114 Entrepreneur Reads Tea Leaves to Launch Subscription Hustle
115 Graphic Designer Turns Side Hustle into $80k Project
116 Delicious Cookies Arrive at My Door in Portland, Oregon
117 Shopify Employee Manufactures Handmade Desk Accessories
118 Los Angeles Designer Runs Mobile Yoga Studio
119 “Cosplay” Photographer Earns $47,000 from Epic Star Wars Portraits
120 WEEKLY RECAP: Midnight Cookie Delivery, Phone Cases, & Tea Leaves
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Week 18

121 House Arrest Leads to $500,000 Food Truck and Catering Hustle
122 Dog Lover Turns At-Home Baking Into Barking Business
123 “Uber for Lawn Care” Mows Down the Competition
124 Hand-Stamped Feminist Jewelry Earns $25,000 Side Income
125 Blogger Shifts From Products to Sponsorships, Makes $82,000
126 “Sign Hustle" Biz Produces $50,000/Year With No Expenses
127 WEEKLY RECAP: Barking Up the Right Tree
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Week 19

128 Epic Scavenger Hunt Becomes 6-Figure Income
129 College Buddies Create $15,000 Bow Tie Hustle
130 Resourceful College Dropout Earns Two Paychecks from One Employer
131 Equine Lover Makes $5,000; Stables Business to Change Horses in Midstream
132 Hair Salon Owner Designs Mittens for Cold Runners
133 Psychologist Earns $74,000 Helping Students Make the Cut
134 WEEKLY RECAP: Scavenger Hunts, Bow Ties, & Horses
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Week 20

135 British Man Builds Terrariums for £600 Monthly Profit
136 Corn Syrup Allergy Leads to Booming Baked Goods Biz
137 Australian Hacker Creates Passive Income Anatomy Course
138 Hip Hop Glitter Pendants Sell $60,000 on Instagram
139 Florist & Sculpture Professor Make Presidential Lip Balm
140 Oncology Nurse Creates Products to Regrow Hair After Chemo; Earns $80,000
141 WEEKLY RECAP: Baked Goods, Terrariums, and Hip Hop
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Week 21

142 High-School French Teacher Earns $8,000 Writing & Selling Curriculum
143 Savvy Sleeper Pillowcases Produce Dreamy Profits for Tech Worker
144 Orthodontist Spends $500 in Facebook Ads; Produces $65,000 in New Revenue
145 Operations Manager Manages to Make Heavy Furniture Light
146 Mom & Son Create 'Comfy Cup' Support for Young Athletes
147 Vintage Pinup Photography Turns Graphic Designer Into High-Earner
148 WEEKLY RECAP: What Was Your Biggest Side Hustle Failure?
EXTENDED CUT #5: How to Choose Between Multiple Ideas
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Week 22

149 Balloon Artist’s Poppin’ Business Nets $1,200 Monthly
150 Diamond in the Rough: Engagement Ring Hunt Turns Into Hustle
151 Immigrate to Canada and Make $500/Month
152 Speech Language Pathologist Pulls Profits from PaintShop Pro
153 IT Manager Unlocks the Secrets to a Successful Etsy Shop
154 Weekend “Book Registry” Site Earns Passive Income from
155 Weekly Recap: Engagement Rings, Balloon Art, and Immigration
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Week 23

156 Army Veteran Makes $650,000 Advertising Apps
157 NYC Office Manager Moonlights As Creative, Cash-Collecting Ceramist
158 Urban Hiker Climbs to Steep Success in San Francisco
159 "Airbnb for Beer": Digital Nomad Brews Up Frosty Profits
160 Radio Personality Channels Her Vocal Cords for Extra Income
161 Fashionista Blogs Her Way to Career Success
162 WEEKLY RECAP: What Prevents You From Making Progress?
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Week 24

163 Flight Attendant Touches Down on $50,000 Super Bowl Profit
164 Building A Side Hustle While Battling A Chronic Illness
165 Spanish-Language Bible App Generates 1 Million Downloads
166 Mental Health Counselor Creates Coping Skills for Kids
167 Indian Personal Finance Blogger Rings Up $4,000/Month
168 A Side Hustle with Succulent Growth Potential
169 WEEKLY RECAP: Super Bowl, The Bible, and Succulents
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Week 25

170 Nomad Family Cooks Up $40,000 Profit With Houseware Import Business
171 Harvard Med School Program Manager Gets Paid to Travel to Italy
172 Put a Cap in It: Architect Makes the Write Choice; Starts Luxury Pen Hustle
173 Wine Expert Loses Job; Becomes House Painter Earning $150,000/Year
174 Avid Travelers Turn Finding Deals Into Vacation Planning Side Income
175 Lawyer Earns $400/Month With Stock Music Side Hustle
176 WEEKLY RECAP: At What Point Should You Have a Website?
EXTENDED CUT #6: The Million-Dollar Etsy Shop
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Week 26

177 Full-Time Mom Ships $35,000/Month in Frozen Bread on Amazon
178 Designer Illustrates Success with Personalized Wedding Products
179 Brand Strategist and Dentist Team Up To Sell Coconut Oil Mouthwash
180 $10,000 Side Hustle Helps Musician Land Full-Time Job
181 Junk Removal Service Owner Earns $22,000 A Year From Real Estate Referrals
182 Bright Idea Leads Chicago Woman to Million-Dollar Hustle
183 WEEKLY RECAP: Who Has Helped You Along Your Journey?
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Week 27

184 Wedding Bells Ring Brighter if the Bride’s Not Broke
185 Midwestern Designer Offers Up a Feast of Handmade Tableware
186 Hand Grippers Make for a $60,000-Strong Hustle
187 Fire Roasted Coffee Dreams Lead to Big Beans
188 Side Hustle Turned Full-Time Job Disrupts Car Rental Industry
189 Lost & Found: How Lost Property Helps a UK Woman Find Her Side Hustle
190 Weekly Recap: Face Painting, Hand Grippers, & Wedding Bells
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Week 28

191 14 Year Old Cooks Up A Storm With $250 A Month Condiment Business
192 Left-Handed Artist Creates Right-Brained Side Hustle
193 Pilot’s Side Hustle Takes Flight With Aerial Tours
194 London Chocolate Tours Lead to Sweet Success
195 Birds of a Feather Flock to Your Bank Account
196 Yoga Mat Reseller Changes Lives While Earning $4,000/Month
197 Weekly Recap: Free Video Training + How to Start a Workshop
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Week 29

198 From London With Love: A Tale of Diamonds and Espionage
199 Comic Creator Illustrates His Way to $30,000
200 High School Students Earn $10k in Profits Selling Bread at Farmers Markets
201 Food and Travel Writer Creates Food Tours in Marrakech, Earns $60k Annually
202 Physician Assistant Earns $12,000 In 10 Months Coaching Aspiring PAs
203 High School Teacher Turns Woodworking Hobby Into a 5-Figure Side Hustle
204 WEEKLY RECAP: What Should You Name Your Side Hustle Idea?
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Week 30

205 “Mommee Coffee” Becomes a $20,000/Month Side Hustle
206 Law Student Helps Create A $6,500/Month Morning Routine Journal
207 Brooklyn Photographer Gets Paid to Throw Confetti at People
208 Busy Marketing Professional Fills Niche with Biking Wine Tours
209 Polish Bartender Makes Money While Drinking Beer
210 Saxophonist Hustles His Way to Back Injury Recovery
211 WEEKLY RECAP: Shipping Options for International Goods (Live from Mexico!)
EXTENDED CUT #7: Pricing Your Product or Service
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Week 31

212 High School Junior Earns $10,000 Selling Autographed Baseballs
213 Holiday Body Butters Become $1,000/Month Side Hustle
214 German Funeral Urns Are Not a Dying Business
215 Rocket Scientist Creates Herbal Side Income
216 Dutch Personal Shopping Service for Kids Measures Up
217 Getting Charged Up: Man Creates One Adaptor to Rule Them All
218 WEEKLY RECAP: Baseballs, Rocket Science, and Personal Shopping
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Week 32

219 Hungry, Hungry Hustlers Earn $25,000/Month Selling Paleo Bars
220 Man Consults for Crowdfunding Campaigns After Successfully Raising $4 Million
221 TV Producer Sells Monogrammed Scarves; Earns $1,000 Riding Subway
222 Man Buys 100 Animal Skulls from Bali; Turns $10,000 Into $60,000
223 Cat Lover Creates Cat-tivating Portrait Series
224 German Family Makes Money from Memorable Mementos
225 WEEKLY RECAP: Hungry Crossfitters, Monogrammed Scarves, & Cat Portraits
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Week 33

226 Craft Beer Fan Becomes Digital Bouncer
227 Animal Lover Breeds Rabbits; Graduates College Debt Free
228 Fashionista Starts Boutique After Getting Fired While Pregnant
229 Bearded Man Grows $500 A Month Grooming Business
230 Luxury Toothbrush Hustle Produces Polished Profits
231 Marketing Coordinator Realizes Lifelong Dream of Starting Own Magazine
232 WEEKLY RECAP: Pay Attention to the Ideas In Your Head!
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Week 34

233 Fidget Spinner Cookie Sensation Leads to Sweet Profits
234 Bedridden Marketing Director Pops Tags at Thrift Shop
235 Man Earns $85,000 Promoting Mexican Avocados on Snapchat
236 Police Officer Funnels Frustration Into Six-Figure Hustle
237 Woman on Food Stamps Earns $86,000 Teaching People to Bake Bread
238 Woman Uses Language Skills to Import Moroccan Jewelry
239 WEEKLY RECAP: 48 Hustle Ideas to Get You Started
EXTENDED CUT #8: How to Recover from a Side Hustle Disaster
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Week 35

240 Tea Sommelier Turns Leaves Into Million-Dollar Business
241 Blogger Turns Leftover Cherries Into $5,000/Month Income
242 “Game Night in a Can” Makes $75,000 for TV Producer
243 Language Teacher Becomes Fluent In Passive Income
244 New Mother Gives Life To Self-Care Coaching Business
245 Man Sells $1,400 in Coffee to Neighbors with NextDoor App
246 WEEKLY RECAP: Work for $1,000 or Make $500 Passively?
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Week 36

247 Target Store Manager Makes $45,000 Per Month Writing a Blog
248 Protein Shake Lover Chomps Crickets For Six-Figure Income
249 Introvert Builds Networking Experience to Help Women
250 Soccer Fan Plays The Odds; Earns Affiliate Commissions
251 Brother-and-Sister Turn Dad’s Medical Practice Into Online Store
252 Managerial Accountant Earns $1,000/Month Hosting Poetry Slams
253 WEEKLY RECAP: Deadlines Are Your Friends
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Week 37

254 Getting Investors Amped Just Takes a Little Jamming
255 Lawyer Creates Online Course for Mothers Returning to Work
256 Foodie Friends Blog Their Way to Free Stuff & Real Money
257 Outdoorsman Creates “Boat in a Backpack”
258 Every Dog Has Its Side Hustling Day
259 $8 Startup Costs Lead to $400,000 in Annual Revenue
260 WEEKLY RECAP: Before Beginning, Prepare Carefully
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Week 38

261 Former NFL Player Sells Ice Shakers for $20,000/Month Income
262 Friends Team Up to Sell Colorful Hammocks
263 Rogue Financial Analyst Earns $34,000 from Golf Membership Site
264 Father-Daughter Duo Sells Handmade Looms For Fun and Profit
265 Consultant Spends $200 on Advertising; Creates Million Dollar Leather Business
266 Boyfriend’s Sloppy Penmanship Turns Into Outsourced Writing Business
267 WEEKLY RECAP: From Idea to Income in 27 Days
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Week 39

268 Woman Sells Hair Grips to Orthodox Jews & Drag Queens
269 Computer Teacher Turns $2 of PVC Plastic Into $800/Month
270 Spanish Language Learner Earns $350,000 Helping Fellow Students
271 Writing Duo Makes a Vow To Improve Wedding Speeches
272 PR Consultant Launches California Restaurant Week
274 WEEKLY RECAP: Author Visits 100 Cities; Records Podcast Every Day
273 Friends Team Up To Create Student Care Package Hustle
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Week 40

275 16-Year-Old Earns $10,000+ Selling Watches
276 University Lecturer Earns $2,000/Month Writing Children’s Books
277 Marketing Pro Earns Money Teaching People How to Shave
278 Snapchat Filters for Weddings Lead To $1,400 A Month
279 Farm Certification Specialist Turns Pottery Passion Into Hustle
280 Boring Desk Job Leads to $14,000/month Coffee Pod Biz
281 WEEKLY RECAP: What If My Idea Is Already Taken?
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Week 41

282 Corporate Employee Makes $350,000 Selling Mosquito Wristbands
283 Designer Turns Bad Parking Into $25,000 Per Year
284 “Dessert Goals” Team Creates Sweet Success
285 Museum Educator Improvises From Day Job to Side Hustle
286 Young Analyst Turns College Debt Into $100k Profit
287 Couple Turn Unwanted Furniture Into $1,000 Per Month
288 WEEKLY RECAP: What’s the Best Platform to Sell On?
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Week 42

289 Marketer Creates Six-Figure Subscription Box Success
290 Sneaker Fan Flips Shoes For $1,000 A Month
291 Oregon Woman Gets Paid to Clean Animal Skulls with Flesh-Eating Beetles
292 Artist Turns Daily Commute Into $5,000/Month Side Hustle
293 Travel Blogger Gets Paid via Pinterest and Guidebooks
294 German Agency Helps Designers Work Less, Make More
295 WEEKLY RECAP: If Your Industry Changes, How Can You Adapt?
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Week 43

296 Musician Turns Drum Lessons Into Six-Figure Podcast
297 Minnesotan Earns $70,000/Year Teaching Wine Classes
298 Australian Uses Online Classified Ads to Sell Wedding Flowers
299 Teachers Join Forces To Launch Nerd Summer Camp
300 Program Manager Builds Conference Into 6-Figure Business
301 Oklahoman Spreads Light, Sells Candles, and Shares Profits
302 WEEKLY RECAP: Who Is Your Ideal Customer?
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Week 44

303 Published Author Adds Income Source; Makes Additional $21,000 Her First Year
304 No Guts, No Gory: The Hollywood Mom & Pop Prop Shop
305 Florida Man Leads Scooter Tours After Watching Macklemore Video
306 Coffee Lover Bets His Beans On Workplace Coffee Subscriptions
307 Construction Company Owner Creates Gig Platform for Contractors
308 ER Nurse Masters CrossFit and Becomes Nutrition Coach
309 WEEKLY RECAP: If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Something Else
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Week 45

310 13-Year-Old Australian Creates Schoolyard Lollipop Fortune
311 Former Construction Inspector Earns $200,000 Helping Students Pass Exams
312 Mexican Artist Becomes YouTube Superstar With 50 Million Views
313 Marketer by Day, DJ by Night Brings in Extra $30,000/Year
314 Substitute Teacher Earns $1,500/Month Making Wooden Signs
315 Fulbright Scholar Earns $2k/Month Selling CBD Oil
316 WEEKLY RECAP: Do You Have to Be Passionate About What You Sell?
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Week 46

317 Lifelong Girl Scout Earns Her Side Hustle Badge (And $3,500/Month)
318 Office Worker Turns $15 Into $500/Month Custom Cup Hustle
319 From Landscaper to Podcast Producer Earning $4k/Month
320 Telecom Manager Gets Paid to Write Resumes for LinkedIn Connections
321 Student Gets Paid to Help People Rent Adventures
322 Coupon Code Site Earns Copious Profits
323 Weekly Recap: Listeners Are Taking Action!
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Week 47

324 The $300,000 Bouncy Castle Hustle—With No Inventory!
325 Engineer Makes $64,000 Selling Nerdy Playing Cards on Reddit
326 Itchy Honeymoon Shaves Way To $100k Pubic Oil Income
327 “Nana’s Apple Pie” Earns Praise and Profit in New York City
328 Environmentalist Couple Sells Online Courses in Beekeeping
329 Aussie Engineer Moves to Farm, Earns Passive Income
330 Weekly Recap: Does Every Side Hustle Have to “Go Big”?
EXTENDED CUT #11: Lessons in Podcasting
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Week 48

331 All-American Hits Home Run With Baseball Apparel Hustle
332 Florida Woman Gets Paid to Remove Poisonous Frogs
333 Business Analyst Turns Weight Loss Problem Into $130,000 Solution
334 Crossfitter Sells Gym Equipment For Seven Figures
335 Airbus Developer Sets Goal to Start 5 Hustles at Once
336 Cannabis Cookies Make a Sweet, Soothing Side Hustle
337 Weekly Recap: How to Find Things to Sell Online
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Week 49

338 Letters-from-Santa Hustles Down Chimney
339 Cards Against Humanity Inspires Six-Figure Party Game
340 Atlanta Couple Sells Affordable, High Quality Accessories
341 Nonprofit Employee Sells 25,000 Gourmet Ice Pops
342 Scientist Starts a Purrfect Cats-Only Pet-Sitting Service
343 Marketing Professional Produces Giant Puppet Performances for Extra Cash
344 Weekly Recap: Starting and Ending a Seasonal Side Hustle
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Week 50

345 Engineer Invents Bestselling Pocket Tool After Getting Locked Out
346 ESL Teacher Turned Travel Planner Sends Clients on Surprise Vacations
347 Philadelphia Lover Maps Out $35,000/Year Side Hustle
348 The Business That Became a Job That Became a Side Hustle
349 Digital Camera Blogger Snaps Into Passive Income
350 Picky Eater’s Year Abroad Cooks Up $500/Month Side Gig
351 Weekly Recap: What if Someone Steals Your Idea??
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Week 51

352 Role-Playing Pastor Rolls The Dice On $2800/Month Hustle
353 Yoga Teacher Cleans Up with Home Organizing Business
354 “High Times” Cartoonist Creates Creative Cannabis Accessories
355 Paralegal Starts Side Hustle During Maternity Leave
356 New Dad Starts Woodworking Hustle While Infant Son Naps
357 Atlanta Duo Gets Paid to Help Engaged Couples Elope
358 Weekly Recap: T’was the Night Before Cash-mas
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Week 52

359 Bearded Man from Finland Cashes In on Holiday Cheer
360 Unusual Men’s Fashion Item Romps Way to $100k
361 Bitcoin YouTuber Earns Thousands in Affiliate Commissions
362 NYC Banker Launches All-Natural, Drinkable Pickle Brine
363 Engineer Codes His Way To $3,700 Per Month
364 Project Manager Shares “Pundamentals” Of His Six-Figure Side Hustle
365 Weekly Recap: That’s a Wrap, 2017—See You Next Year!
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Week 53

366 Season II Begins! Create a New Source of Income in 2018
367 Accountant Earns $233,751 Reselling Items He Buys at Walmart
368 Immigrant Couple Translates Heritage Into Children’s Flash Cards
369 Designer Earns Extra $5,000/Month Posting Logos on Instagram
370 Insomniac Dreams Up Herbal Hustle
371 Make Extra Money Using Merch by Amazon
372 Weekly Recap: Set Your Goals for 2018!
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Week 54

373 College Student Hacks Into $40,000/Month Side Hustle
374 Listener Discovers Astronomical Success in Astrological Gifts
375 Aerospace Engineer Becomes Full-Time Rideshare Expert
376 Retail Store Manager Creates Miniature Stages for Batman
377 Finance Professionals Go Gorillas for Bamboo Fiber Socks
378 High-Risk Pregnancy Becomes Healthy Baby and Side Hustle
379 Weekly Recap: Find a Community to Support Your Goals
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Week 55

380 Auto Employee Earns $100,000 Selling Stickers on Instagram
381 Side Hustler Gets Paid to Run 7 Ultramarathons on 7 Continents
382 Afrocentric Head Wraps Earn Extra Money for Target Employee
383 Two Bulgarian Guys Launch Apparel Company with No Experience
384 Frozen Pup Treats Are No Barking Matter
385 Graphic Designer Profits from Print on Demand; Quits Job to Hike New Zealand
386 Weekly Recap: When You Have Ideas But Don’t Take Action
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Week 56

387 Excel Spreadsheet Guru Earns $3,500/Month
388 Quiz Master Creates Side Hustle Nobody Can Question
389 The Snuggle Is Real: Architect Moonlights by Selling Designer Onesies
390 Michigan Social Worker Creates SexC Cosmetics Line
391 South African Writer Launches Accidental Acting Career
392 Dog Sled Trainer Becomes Women’s Fitness Coach
393 Weekly Recap: How to Identify Side Hustle Ideas in Your Workplace
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Week 57

394 Fashion Buyer Creates Quirky Comfort Craze
395 Corporate Employee Starts Relay Series, Quits Job to Produce Races Full-Time
396 Electrical Engineer Becomes Romance Novel Cover Model
397 Music Therapist Writes Custom Lullabies For Restless Children
398 Carpenter Pays His Mortgage Selling Embroidered Travel Patches
399 TV Producer Gets Paid to Look for Blog Typos
400 Weekly Recap: How to Find Manufacturers for Your Product
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Week 58

401 Internet Trolls Eat Their Words in This Comedic Cake Hustle
402 Hometown Bracelets Support Local Marine Life
403 Freelance Writer Starts School To Help Writers Start Side Hustles
404 Business Besties Turn Skype Calls Into Six-Figure Podcast
405 Two Teachers Launch Summer Camp After Listening to Side Hustle School
406 Chicago Architect Creates Mini-Blind Repair Tool
407 Weekly Recap: Starting a Coffee Delivery Service
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Week 59

408 Architect Changes Commuting, One Pocket-Sized Book at a Time
409 Golfer Takes a Swing and Scores $5,000/Month Hustle
410 Government Employee Becomes Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Consultant
411 Creative Illustrator Creates Creative Podcast for Creatives
412 Newlywed Creates Floral Services That Can’t Wilt
413 UX Designer Posts in Facebook Groups to Earn $1,000/Month
414 Weekly Recap: What Kind of Profit Margin Should You Have?
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