Monthly Extended Cuts

Many of our Side Hustle School listeners have mentioned that they would like for me to elaborate on a few things, so each month I will include a monthly “Extended Cut” to help answer some of these questions more in depth. For the time being, you can find links to each Extended Cut episode here in addition to the links and resources I mention. Check in at the end of each month for a new bonus episode!

EXTENDED CUT #7: Pricing Your Product or Service

When you’re starting a new product or service, how do you know what to price it at? Good news: there’s a simple method you can use that will take you less than 10 minutes to apply.

If you’re struggling with pricing your product or service, here are a couple of quick highlights from this Extended Cut:

  • 1. Ask yourself: what is your time worth? Nobody can answer this question but you, and you have to be honest with yourself regarding what you’re willing to accept for the time you put into your side hustle.
  • 2. Set your initial prices on the higher end of the range that your customers are willing to pay. After all, if you can make more money for your time or product, why not see if it’s an option?



EXTENDED CUT #6: The Million-Dollar Etsy Shop

Most Etsy shops don’t make money—or if they do, they make a small amount of money. But some make a lot of money. What separates them? This special episode takes a detailed look at the online storefront for a million-dollar Etsy shop whose full story is coming up next week on the show.


  • Hangout Lighting | Etsy: Browse the ‘Million-Dollar Etsy Shop’ while you’re listening to this month’s Extended Cut!



EXTENDED CUT #5: How to Choose Between Multiple Ideas

Once you’ve learned the power of observation, being able to identify potential ideas is rarely a problem. The problem lies in knowing which ideas to choose at any particular time!

What do you do when you have multiple ideas? Here are a couple tips to help you get started:

  • 1. Get clear on your goals. The idea that you choose should connect directly to those goals. There are a lot of different potential side hustle goals out there, so you need to know the outcome that you want.
  • 2. Whenever possible, remove the pressure from the decision. It’s natural to feel a lot of pressure when making any kind of big career decision, but you should not experience that kind of pressure for a side hustle. It should be something that makes you feel secure.


If you already know the hustle you’re going to commit to during your month-long plan, great! But since a key part of hustling is learning to brainstorm and generate multiple ideas (just like you saw in the first week’s notes), it’s also important to learn how to compare ideas against one another in search of the best possible one at any given time.


Listen to the Extended Cut for a more in-depth look at these two tips + more information regarding the simple methodology for making decisions called The Side Hustle Selector.


EXTENDED CUT #4: Simple Marketing Plan

Imagine being able to connect with the people who want what you have to offer – you don’t have to persuade them or convince them – they are already pre-sold or at least pre-interested. They know that you can give them what they need. That’s what it’s like when your message connects with the right person or the right group of people.

So… how can you create a situation like that? It doesn’t usually just appear in the middle of nowhere. Listen to this episode for a four-step primer!



  • Later: Upload, schedule and manage your Instagram posts with this marketing platform for Instagram
  • Hootsuite: This social media marketing and management dashboard helps you manage all your social media in one place.
  • Buffer Another social media dashboard that helps you schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place
  • ConvertKit At some point, you’ll probably want to collect email addresses from people. Not only will you want to collect them, you’ll also want to have them in some kind of program that allows you write them about your product or service. This is often the very next step in terms of launching your hustle to the world. I use ConvertKit, and I highly recommend them.


EXTENDED CUT #3: Build a Website in 90 Minutes

In this month’s special broadcast, you’ll learn everything you need to get your first website online—without stressing out, wasting your time, or spending a lot of money.

Follow this comprehensive tutorial, and you’ll have your new website up and running in 90 minutes or less!


  • InMotion Hosting If you’re starting up your website, you’ll definitely need a hosting plan. I use InMotion Hosting for all of my websites and highly recommend them because they offer 24/7 support and plans as low as $5/month.
  • WordPress I’ve been using WordPress since I first started The Art of Non-Conformity in 2008, and it’s even what I used for Side Hustle School.
  • Shopify Shopify is a great alternative to WordPress for those who are looking to sell an actual product or service.
  • ConvertKit At some point, you’ll probably want to collect email addresses from people. Not only will you want to collect them, you’ll also want to have them in some kind of program that allows you write them about your product or service.This is often the very next step in terms of launching your hustle to the world. I use ConvertKit, and I highly recommend them.


EXTENDED CUT #2: 9 Starter Ideas for Your First Hustle

If you’re just getting started in the world of side hustling, explore these different platforms and ideas, including Skillshare (teaching a class), Wyzant (tutoring), Etsy (selling handcrafted items), and 6 more.

Consider taking on the challenge to try out one of these platforms and see it through. There’s little to no risk, and you may learn some valuable lessons along the way.


  • Looking for an easy way to experiment with offering services? Testing out your ideas on Fiverr can help you develop your product or service (see Ep. 5)
  • Upwork is a fantastic resource whether you’re looking to test out your own services or find someone to help you get your side hustle off the ground.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon You can store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and they will pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for all of your products. Best of all, FBA can help you scale your business and reach more customers (see Ep. 19).
  • Etsy The world’s largest homemade marketplace and ideal to help you get started selling your products today (see Ep. 6)
  • Do you possess knowledge that others would pay for? Wyzant is a massive community of tutors that are matched to people looking to learn what you know (see Ep. 29). Helping people one-on-one
  • Clarity is another website that is great whether you’re an expert or in need of one. Test your service in platform like Clarity before breaking off on your own.
  • Skillshare With thousands of videos spanning topics like mastering illustrations to mastering SEO, there’s plenty of ways you can share what you know with others or pick up a new skill.
  • Highbrow Pick up a new skill or create an online course yourself with this quick and easy service.
  • Creative Market is a platform for designers and ideal for “mouse-made” design content and assets from independent creatives all around the world.(see Ep. 26)
  • Society6 If you’re artistically inclined, Society6 may fit the bill. You can sell your designs on a variety of items including laptop sleeves and travel mugs.


EXTENDED CUT #1: The Power of Observation

Where do hustle ideas come from? Short version: they’re everywhere! This episode was recorded live from Johannesburg, South Africa and shows you how to do two things to start coming up with ideas: first, pay attention. Second, ask questions.

Before your day is over, make a list of possibilities based on everything you’ve learned so far. Let me know what you come up with!