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TBT: “Kindness Kits” Spread Love and Draw Positive Returns

In this week’s “Throwback Thursday / Where are they now?” segment, we hear from someone selling an unusual product that’s one-part social cause and one-part profitable business. What’s changed since we first featured him?
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What It's About

An update from a social experiment that's also a profitable side hustle.

Notes from Chris

Episode 1139
Welcome to Throwback Thursday / “Where are they now?” where we take an in-depth look at someone who’s story has evolved considerably since we first featured them.

Recent features have included a guy who runs citywide scavenger hunts all over the country, a Denver woman who leads food tours for up to 700 people a month, and more.

Today, in our latest feature, we’ll hear from someone who had an unusual idea. I remember when we first featured him, I looked at some of the initial notes and wasn’t sure it was a good fit for the show. That’s because I didn’t quite understand the project—it seemed more like a fun thing to do, or a meaningful social experiment, but not necessarily a moneymaking business.

It turned out that it was all of those things.

Listen to today's episode to hear Jesse's updates...


  • Check out Jesse's business and social experiment at his website, Kindnessandco.com.
  • Want to hear more kindness stories? You can subscribe to Jesse's kindness newsletter at this link.
  • Want to join this kindness revolution? Jesse and his team are giving away Kindness Kits to the first 100 folks that email him at info@kindnessandco.com. To participate, Just provide your name and address.

Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

Yours in the revolution,


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Quote of the Day
"If you're passionate about something, you probably know a lot about it and to a degree, you're an expert of some sort or a thought leader. From there, you can create some really special content around that subject matter."
—Jesse Weinberg #SideHustleSchool

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