How to Sell Your Art, Crafts, or Handiwork

If you like to get crafty, there are lots of places online where you can sell your creations. The key is to go where the buyers are, not just where a lot of other artists and makers hang out.

If you’re not sure where your buyers might be, start with Etsy, the world’s largest marketplace of handcrafts. And keep these tips in mind:

  • Great photos go a long way. Not a photographer? Ask a friend with a good camera to help. Include multiple shots from different angles. And if you’re selling clothing or jewelry, include images of how it looks on someone.
  • Tell a story. Whenever you have the chance to sell something, you also have the chance to write a description. Make it a good one! Go into lots of detail and tell people why you made whatever you’re selling.
  • Respond quickly to inquiries. If possible, a one-hour response time is best. It builds trust and confidence . . . and it also encourages buyers to make a purchase. Don’t give them too much time to wander off and find something else they like better.
  • Ask for reviews. Follow up with customers and ask them to review you on the site they purchased from. This makes a big difference, especially in the beginning. “Social proof” matters a lot—we want to know that other people like us were happy with their order.


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