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WEEKLY RECAP: Health Coaches May Need to Be Certified

In our thirty-second recap of Season III, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: an audio update from a previous case study!
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Notes from Chris

Episode 953

We’ve just finished week 32 of Season III! This week, we featured a Nashville Lyft driver who earns an extra $1,000/month storing luggage for her passengers, a travel blogger who focuses on content for travelers with Type 1 Diabetes, a story detailing how couples counseling money leads to an international whisky brand, and more.

This week, we'll chat about my recent conversation with CBS This Morning, and I’ll give you my opinion on why health coaches may need to be certified. But it’s not just “what I think” so much as it is “here’s something to be aware of” if you’re in the field of health coaching, broadly speaking.

Listen to the Weekly Recap to learn more on this topic and to hear from a side hustler we featured in our second year!


Today, we have an update from Andrew Tarvin who was featured on the show in Ep. 364.

Listen to the Weekly Recap to hear from Andrew!

You can also check out his website, Humor That Works!

Here's what we heard this week on Side Hustle School! Listen to this week's recap for a more comprehensive highlight reel.

  • Ep. 947 - A British fashionista turns £20 into £2,000/month flipping her vintage thread finds online
  • Ep. 948 - This Lyft driver hated seeing her customers cart their luggage all over Nashville. It looked exhausting… and like a great opportunity to cash in on the tourism market
  • Ep. 949 - A couple’s travel blog becomes a resource for other travelers with type 1 diabetes
  • Ep. 950 - Fed up with a lack of vegan options in New Jersey, two women help plant-based food festivals take root in the Garden State
  • Ep. 951 - A casting producer for NBC’s “The Voice” curates indie concerts on the side to create experiences and profits
  • Ep. 952 - A graphic designer falls in love with scotch—building an international whisky brand with money she’d originally saved for couples counseling
Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

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Quote of the Day
"For lots of businesses, the regulation in the U.S. is very simple. But for projects in the wellness world, it may not be. Be sure to scope out local rules and regulations!"

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