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Weekly Recap: Live Crickets, Tarot, and Reinventing the Bra

In our seventh weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week of Side Hustle School. I've also included a quick exercise to help you generate ideas based on your interests.
Generate Ideas Lessons Side Hustle School Weekly Recap

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Action Item:

Here's a fun exercise: make a list of all the ways you spend your time when you have a choice about it.


If the day was completely open and you had no obligations, what would you do?


The best way to start your hustle is not usually to “follow your passion.” But it is true that many successful hustles come from digging a bit deeper into something you enjoy, and then finding a way to create value in that for everyone else.


Note: We recently announced four more Side Hustle School workshops: Austin, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. I'd love to see you there!


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Listener Q&A

Our listener questions for this week come to us from Robert Lindley and Claire Camp:

  • Rob and his wife have been exploring the world of network marketing and were curious how it compared to some of the other side hustles we've featured on the show.
  • When looking for a gift for her mom who enjoys throwing ceramics, Claire found that there weren't really any websites devoted to reviewing products. She got the idea to try and start her own, but she's struggling to find affordable content writing.

    Listen to the Weekly Recap for a more comprehensive look at this week's Listener Q&A. Also, if you have a question you'd like answered, send me a voice message. Your question may be featured on the show!

Highlights From This Week

Here are some quick highlights for each episode this week. Listen to this week's recap for a more comprehensive highlight reel!

  • Ep. 43 - Shaunta identified a deep desire that a lot of people have, and connected with her audience setting herself up as an authority in writing. She was incredibly successful and brought in over $100,000 within her first year!
  • Ep. 44 - Adam increased his income from $1,000 to $2,000 to $3,000 a month not by changing what he offered, but by shifting how he offered it. He did this by split-testing different parts of his offer and CTA, then adjusting to feature the winning results
  • Ep. 45 - Starting an online project is easy compared to working with overseas factories to manufacturing clothing, but this was a mission for Madhavi, the designer featured in this story
  • Ep. 46 - You may not want to replicate this drop-ship reselling experiment yourself, but it is pretty creative.
  • Ep. 47 - Scott decided to make a physical product based off intellectual property that he didn’t even own. He asked for forgiveness rather than permission, and did it in a way that was attractive to the Gallup company
  • Ep. 48 - Tina created a personal challenge to illustrate every day, which turned into a physical product that earned a very significant income that matched what she earned at her job



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Quote of the Day
"If you’re listening, you’re the reason I do this. If you make the commitment to make this part of your routine, I commit to supporting you fully in your quest to create that new source of income."
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