You Need a Side Hustle! Let’s Get Started.

Hey there! I’m glad you made it.

Side Hustle School is all about helping you create a new source of income. You can do this without quitting your day job while working on limited time, and by using the skills you already have. If that sounds good to you, welcome to the revolution!

Wait, there’s a revolution? Yes. There is.

This revolution is different, however. It isn’t a “quit your job and jump off a cliff” revolution—it’s a “create more income so you have more options” revolution.

No matter your situation, you NEED a side hustle. It’s not just a nice thing to have. Why? Well, there are at least two important reasons.


Even if you love your job, no one will ever care about your wellbeing as much as you. You have to create your own security.

This doesn’t mean you need to abandon ship and become a full-time entrepreneur. Quite the contrary—by starting a side hustle while you work your existing job, you’ll build a fallback plan, a confidence-booster, and an extra source of income all in one.


A side hustle isn’t just about making more money, although that’s certainly great. There are many benefits and no downside. In addition to security, you’ll gain:

  • Confidence. You made something! It’s yours! You did it!
  • Opportunity. Once you’ve started one hustle, it’s not hard to start more.
  • Backup plan. If you love your job, that’s great. But what if, one day, something changes? Wouldn’t it be great to have another option?

And let’s not forget the obvious: a side hustle gives you extra money to travel, pay off debt, or save for the future. Those choices are yours alone.


When you listen to the show, you’ll hear stories of people just like you who’ve started a hustle without quitting their job. The podcast is short and easy to listen to. Each lesson is less than 10 minutes long, and they all contain actionable ideas:

  • Ep. 2 A man writes a blog about fish tanks, goes away for three weeks, and comes back to find he’s made $700
  • Ep. 8 A couple goes on a cruise, then starts a blog answering commonly asked questions. Within a year, the blog is making $3,000 every month
  • Ep. 15A woman goes from minimum wage to $250 an hour, creating a six-figure hustle using the graphic design skills she acquired for her job

Every story is different, but you’ll notice a few key themes: how to find profitable ideas, how to know what kind of hustle is best for you, and how to get started before you feel ready.

This free email + video series will help, too. Every day or two for the next week, I’ll send you a message like this one. My goal is for YOU to have the same success and freedom that the ordinary people you hear on the show have created for themselves.

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Yours in the revolution,