Get a Website for Less than $5/Month

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You’ll need somewhere to host your blog. It can be done for free with services like, but these usually aren’t great options for most people. A better solution is to pay a small amount of money to a hosting service that will essentially provide a home for your blog to live.

I’ve tried at least a dozen different hosts over the years before settling on InMotion.

I used another provider for much of this time and finally said farewell to them after too many disasters. Every new site I’ve built recently is hosted by InMotion. If I have a problem, I can call 24 hours a day. I can email and hear back within 20 minutes. In short, I feel comfortable recommending them without reservation.

Get InMotion Hosting for just $3.49/month (56% off!)

I convinced my new hosting company to give me a special deal I could pass along to you. This is an affiliate link, meaning that I get paid for referrals. If you’d prefer to sign up with them directly and not receive the deal, just visit without the part at the end to do that.

Is InMotion the best solution for everything? Probably not. For higher-end stuff, you may need to work with something that requires custom servers. But InMotion is cheap and easy—and I have no idea how to manage servers, so I prefer the turnkey solution.

Yours in the revolution,

Chris Guillebeau