Build Systems to Grow Smart

What are business systems? Simply put, they are tools, protocols, or workflows that allow your business to operate without your direct involvement.

In the case of Mike’s passive income anatomy course, students automatically receive access to the files after making a purchase. They also receive an email confirmation, which serves as a receipt and reminds them where they can go to start studying. If the students didn’t get access automatically, Mike would have to manually send each one a message whenever he received an order—an inefficient process for everyone involved.

You might not be able to build a completely automated business, and you might not want to—if you’re doing client work, for example, you’ll still need to spend time with clients. The point is that the more systems you build, the less time you’ll spend doing the same tasks over and over. Also, if you choose to grow the business at some point, systems will be key in allowing you to serve more customers.


100 Side Hustles

Coming June 4, 2019