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Pump It Up! Project Manager Elevates Female Fitness

When diet and fitness fads run their course, this Aussie builds a tribe of over 16,000 followers and a side hustle that brings in $10,000/month.
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What It's About

A side hustle that helps transform the lives of other women!

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Words of Wisdom

When asked about standing out in a saturated market Lucy said, “Just because someone else is doing something doesn’t mean that you don’t have something unique and valuable to add to the market. Be so authentic and true to yourself that you end up being different from everything else that’s out there. Just because there are others in the market doesn’t mean that their message is going to resonate with your potential customers.”

Fun Fact

Lucy’s ambassador program Fire Tribe got its name from an inspiring quote that got her through her own transformation: “Some women fear the fire, others become it.” It was a quote she’d post on Instagram. When her followers began quoting it back to her and hashtagging it, she thought it was a perfect fit.

Notes from Chris

Episode 580

27-year-old Lucy Dunne is—by her own account—a free spirit. In her heyday, she spent years partying hard and traveling the world not knowing what the next day held. As an Aussie now living in Alberta, Canada, Lucy found herself working full-time as a lead project manager tasked with providing signage solutions for corporations across North America. Like most jobs, it had its ups and downs.

The job kept her busy, and she was making ends meet. But there was one area of her life that she wanted to improve—her health and fitness. Lucy had acquired a new habit of binge eating, and it didn’t help that she was smoking up to a pack of cigarettes a day. But it wasn’t until she was having trouble fitting into regular sized clothes at retail shops that she knew something had to change.

There’s a lot of noise in the health and fitness space. So instead of looking to all the experts, she decided to do it her own way. She said “so long” to hours spent on the dreaded treadmill and stairclimber machines and introduced weightlifting and other activities that didn’t feel like such a chore to her routines.

Instead of denying herself the things she loved and meticulously counting her calories, she started to adopt an “everything in moderation” mentality and focused on macro ratios more than calories. Over the next three years, trips to the gym and meal times stopped being something she dreaded, and more importantly, she was seeing good results.

By 2015, she was 65 lbs down from her original weight and felt that she could finally stop hiding behind large purses in pictures. Lucy was so proud of what she had accomplished that she decided to document the remainder of her journey on Instagram—and that’s when everything changed.

Each day, Lucy shared a bit more about her journey. Because of the transparency and authenticity of her posts, she began drawing the attention of other women who were looking to improve their health and fitness routines.

At this point, she knew what worked best for herself, but she wanted to get a better idea of what would work for others as well. So, Lucy Dunne decided to get certified as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

And before she knew it, a new transformation was underway… of the side hustle variety! She called it Dunnebells.

With an avid Instagram following looking for her help, she started with them. Within the first month, she had roughly 20 clients enrolled in each program, and with each month that passed, her programs were selling out faster than she could open them up!

In the beginning, Lucy’s side hustle was earning her $1,000 a month. Gradually, her monthly earnings bumped up to $2,000. By October 2017, she was making $5k a month. Now at $10k+ a month, her side hustle has become her full-time hustle!


  • Dunnebells: Learn more about Lucy and her programs over on her website!
  • Upwork: The global freelancing platform that helps businesses connect with independent freelancers remotely
  • Squarespace: The website building platform that Lucy used to create her website for Dunnebells

Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

Yours in the revolution,


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Quote of the Day
"It's not realistic to act strong and like you have it all under control all the time. It's okay to admit that you run into problems just like anyone else. Be honest and people will appreciate you for it!"
—Lucy Dunne #SideHustleSchool

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