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Orthodontist Spends $500 in Facebook Ads; Produces $65,000 in New Revenue

When a marketing pro discovers a lack of efficient online marketing in the medical industry, he helps a new client bring in 13 new patients and $65,000 in new revenue with the help of Facebook Ads.
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What It's About

$500 worth of Facebook Ads leads an orthodontist to major revenue increases.

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Words of Wisdom

Once a lead filled out the form in exchange for the coupon or other lead magnet, the front desk of the orthodontics office called the lead within five or ten minutes to schedule an appointment. As Seth is quick to point out, the magic isn’t in just offering a coupon, but using it as a lead magnet and sending traffic to a landing page that captures personal contact information.

Coupons are great, but capturing information and following up is what brings in that extra income!

Fun Fact

Growth has been Seth’s biggest challenge. Although he’s received more interest since publishing his case study and promoted it on Facebook targeting dentists and orthodontists, it’s been slow moving. He’s emailed dental offices and only received one to two leads from that, and says in general that it’s hard to get past the office manager’s gatekeeping. He is now cold calling, too, since he has a results-backed case study to talk about.

Notes from Chris

Episode 144

Medical professionals operate high-value practices but don’t usually know much about bringing people in the door. Naturally, there’s an opportunity there, at least for the right person.

Seth Ollerton has three brothers and two brothers-in-law in medicine. He watched them push through years of medical school while being married with children. He said they spent so much time and energy studying to pass the board exams to become doctors, that they had no time to learn anything about business, let alone marketing.

Meanwhile, at his day job, Seth had acquired the skills of managing Google AdWords and Facebook Ad campaigns. Because he saw a need for local healthcare professionals, he began approaching ones he knew about their online marketing services.

One orthodontist took Seth up on his offer, and they spent just under $500 in the month of February, mostly towards Facebook ads’ clicks and impressions, offering a $400 off coupon for braces. The campaign brought in 13 new patients, with each spending $5,000 for braces, bringing in approximately $65,000 in new revenue, minus overhead and other expenses.

Seth’s startup costs were minimal: $99/month for a landing page software provider, $69/month for Adobe Creative Cloud for graphic design and video editing. After the free trial, he charges $800 to $1000/month for his services, which don’t include the ad spend on Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising. With two paying clients, he brings in an additional $1,800/month on top of his day job.


  • Ollerton Marketing: Learn more about Seth and his online marketing strategies on his website!
  • Keyword Planner: This tool helps you reach the right customers with the right keywords and helps you to better build your SEO and ad campaigns
  • Facebook Advertising: Find the right people, capture their attention, and get results
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: The software that Seth used for graphic design and video editing purposes

Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

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Quote of the Day
"By not trying to be a one-stop shop for every digital marketing need and every business under the sun, it has relieved me of extra stress and time. I’m happy and focused."
—Seth Ollerton #SideHustleSchool

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