Side Hustle Bootcamp

Stop Procrastinating And Make It Happen



Here’s the premise:

You might need some knowledge to start your project—but mostly you need to get to work.
The Side Hustle Bootcamp is a new way to make sure you finally make progress on your goals.

The way it works is simple. We’re going to do daily check-ins for 21 days. You’ll have an accountability partner and will report back on your project. You can ask questions of the group and get help—but the group will also check with you to make sure you’re doing the work. By the end of the bootcamp, you’ll look back and say “Whoa! I can’t believe I got so much done.”

You can read more below, but that’s pretty much all you need to know.
Oh, it costs just $87 and starts April 1.

Stop deferring your dream. Sign up now and FINISH your project in three weeks.

How It Works

How It Works

Every day, 5 days a week for three weeks, we’ll meet online for 15 minutes. There will be lessons, Q&A, and an occasional guest expert—but mostly we’ll do check-ins. At the beginning of the bootcamp, you’ll decide on your goals and make a list of everything you need to accomplish. You’ll have the option to share this list with the group.

You’ll get a daily reminder to stop putting off what you need to do.

You’ll be matched with a buddy, or you can bring your own by signing up together. Your buddy will check in with you. Your buddy will pester you if you don’t do the work. You’ll want to do the work because you’re not alone—we’ll all be making progress together for the entire bootcamp.

That’s it. Imagine what you could accomplish if you just stopped putting it off.

What's Required

What’s Required

You need $87.

You need a computer or phone where you can get online to join the calls.

You also need to commit to do the work. How much time will be required varies a lot—it depends a lot on your project. But if you can make 15 minutes a day for the check-in, and another 15 minutes to make progress on your list, you’ll be FAR FAR FAR along by the end of the bootcamp.

Whether you’re a veteran side hustler or have no idea what your first project should be, the Side Hustle Bootcamp will get you well underway.


It’s an experiment in accountability. Over and over, I’ve heard from listeners that they need some way of making sure they move forward with their project.

Specifically, I hear comments like these all the time:

“I know what I need to do, but I keep putting it off…”

“I’m afraid of putting something out there, so I just keep waiting…”

“I start to do something, but I get overwhelmed and give up…”

This project is for anyone who identifies with one or more of those statements.

You get to join a group of people who are all about GSD. We’ll all check-in online every day for three weeks. Someone will touch base with you and make sure you’re keeping up. If you have questions, the group will be there to help. But mostly, it’s a way for you to make progress on the things you’ve been putting off.

That’s it. No bells and whistles. Inspirational quotes sold separately.

We’ll announce a full schedule a week before starting, and the times will vary each week to accommodate students in different time zones. All calls will be recorded, so you can catch up if the time is inconvenient or if you just miss one.

As long as you have access to a computer or smartphone, you can join in from wherever you are, or review the updates later in the day.

Nope. All calls are introvert friendly.

Please note: You’ll be invited to participate in the check-ins. It’s a welcoming, friendly space with positive people who will cheer you on.

But if you don’t want to, you don’t need to say anything at all. It’s cool. You do, however, need to select a project and make progress on it. That’s the whole point!

We thought about it. But for this price, online check-ins seemed more feasible.

You click the "Join Now!" button and add your info before the deadline expires.



Stop deferring your dream. Sign up now and FINISH your project in three weeks.

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