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British Man Earns $700/Month Writing Fish Tank Reviews

How a British man wrote a series of reviews about fish tanks and ended up building a completely passive income business as an Amazon affiliate. He now earns $700/month without doing anything for it at all.
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What It's About

Unusual product review site earns money as an Amazon.com affiliate.

Business Model
Affiliate Sales
Skills Required
Writing, Product Knowledge
Profit Potential

Words of Wisdom

If you have an obscure hobby, you’re probably not the only one. Topics that have enough people interested in them but not a lot of existing resources are great for side hustles. In this story, Max provides helpful information to people seeking information on what kind of fish tank to buy. He’s rewarded when his website visitors click-through to Amazon.com and make a purchase.

Fun Fact

Because he lives in Scotland, Max wasn’t sure how much his first $200 check was worth to him. After he figured it out, he went back and added more reviews. Three years later, Fish Tank Bank is still bringing in $700/month with no further effort on his part.



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Quote of the Day
"I built Fish Tank Bank during a weekend but forgot about it after it was finished. It wasn't until I received a check in the mail that I realized the potential of making money from my hobby."
—Max Robinson #SideHustleSchool

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