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Homemade Gin Kit Sells 75,000 Units

After encountering a roadblock trying to start their own distillery, two friends create a side hustle that allows others to make gin in the comfort of their own home—and it's a huge success!
Adaptation Product Side Hustle School Transition Story

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What It's About

Homemade gin minus the bathtub!

Business Model
Skills Required
Packaging, Marketing, Knowledge of Alcohol
Profit Potential

Words of Wisdom

This is a perfect example of a transition story. Two guys have one idea, which is fun and interesting, but as they did more research they learn that it’s not really feasible. After they switched goals, they found something else that was fun and interesting... and it was also profitable.

You may experience this as you investigate different ideas. Your first idea might not work out right away or you might discover something better.

Fun Fact

They started by assembling 250 “Homemade Gin Kits” in Joe’s 700 square foot condo, not having any real idea of who would buy them. But then as word got out from their friends and family, as well as a few websites that featured the kits, sales took off. They improved their operation, redesigned the website, and worked on the project during spare nights and weekends.



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Quote of the Day
"You can't fake passion, and that's what really sells the product. You have to channel your passion, whatever that enthusiasm is, into your side hustle. "
—Joe Maiellano #SideHustleSchool

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