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WEEKLY RECAP: #HappierLaborDay

In our thirty-fifth recap of Season III, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: an audio update from a previous case study!
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Notes from Chris

Episode 974

We’ve just finished week 35 of Season III! This week, we featured a U.S. Marine who goes “under cover” to create a sunglasses holder and a British guy who earns millions of dollars selling t-shirts on eBay originally starting from his childhood bedroom.

In today’s recap, I have an audio update from someone whose side hustle became their full-time job, and now it’s back to being a side hustle … but she’s still earning six-figures from it! I think most of us will agree that’s an ideal scenario. We'll also revisit Gretchen Rubin's concept of what it means to have a #HappierLaborDay.

Listen to the Weekly Recap to learn more!


Today, we have an update from Julia Kelly who was featured on the show in Ep. 15.

Listen to the Weekly Recap to hear from Julia!

You can also check out her websites, Rigits and JK Expressions!

Here's what we heard this week on Side Hustle School! Listen to this week's recap for a more comprehensive highlight reel.

  • Ep. 968 - When a U.S. Marine scratches his sunglasses after placing them in his pocket, he solves the problem with a 3D printed solution
  • Ep. 969 - An introverted Chicago art student discovers a love of natural dyes and creates a thriving business
  • Ep. 970 - After using puns to make the distance seem shorter between her and her Navy Pilot husband, a marketing manager and military spouse turns it into a business
  • Ep. 971 - An eBay experiment started from a childhood bedroom becomes a multi-million, make-your-own-fashion eCommerce empire
  • Ep. 972 - This “College Confectionista” pays for college by baking and selling cheesecakes—as many as 324 in a single week
  • Ep. 973 - When a raver-turned-salesperson falls in love with an underground artform, he turns it into a successful side business
Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

Yours in the revolution,


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  • Drawing on her Japanese heritage, a Bay Area teacher offers mochi classes using Airbnb Experiences
  • And much more!

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Quote of the Day
"It’s always a good time to reflect on your life and make changes—but something that can be done at any time is often done at no time. What are you laboring for?"

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