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The Live Cricket Dropshipping Hustle

Yep, it’s true: a Pennsylvania man makes $700+ a month dropshipping live crickets to reptile owners across the country.
Animals Dropshipping Reselling Unique Ideas

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What It's About

How a man creates a live cricket dropshipping reselling hustle. Fun fact: when mailing crickets to someone, never include paper instructions

Business Model
Skills Required
Reselling & Research
Profit Potential

Words of Wisdom

Part of what lead to Jeff's success with his cricket dropshipping hustle, The Critter Depot, is that he knew to look for a niche market with little to no competition.

Throughout Side Hustle School this year, you’ll hear a lot of interesting and unique stories like this. Here are a few examples of previous episodes that dealt with a niche market:

  • Ep. 3: How a marketing executive created a six-figure, seasonal side hustle after being unable to find a custom candy heart manufacturer.
  • Ep. 10: After the loss of a beloved family pet, an engineer decides to improve on a saddle for chickens.
  • Ep. 11: How a woman creates a $2,000/month side hustle sharing specialized diet tips and recipes on her blog.

Fun Fact

Dropshipping has a long history in the hustle world. Pre-internet days there were companies that advertised in magazines and lots of people were attempting to start a dropship business, some successfully and some unsuccessfully.

Jeff learned about dropshipping while working at an e-commerce site that also sold a living product. He was able to use the success of their live product as a benchmark when building his own creative hustle.

Bonus: Did you hear about the two bedbugs who met in the mattress? They got married in the spring!



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Quote of the Day
"Between some customer service and emailing my dropshipper, I maybe put in about 1-2 hours per week and am still able to bring in at least $700/month—and that's a slow month!"
—Jeff Neal #SideHustleSchool

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