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Shopify Employee Sells Enough Apparel to Buy a French Bulldog

She only needs to make $3,000. But when she turns to a side hustle to fill the French Bulldog shaped hole in her life, she ends up making six-figures.
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What It's About

A desire for a French Bulldog leads a Shopify employee to a highly profitable side hustle.

Business Model
Skills Required
Design & Trendspotting
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Words of Wisdom

When we asked Liz what her best practices for running an e-commerce store are, she said:

"When communicating with customers, respond in a timely matter and be human because no likes speaking with a copy and paste robot.
 Ask for feedback in order confirmation emails, listen, and learn from it.
 Be available by email as well as social accounts and make any contact information easy to find. Nothing drives me crazier than not being able to reach a shop owner. Big red flag right there!"

Fun Fact

Liz didn’t realize that she could have called it quits and bought her long-awaited “batpig” after three months (fun fact: with her revenue from November of 2016, she could have purchased three French Bulldogs), instead she just kept making bigger goals.

According to her estimates, she could have been sharing her household with more than 50 by the end of her first three years (yes, she only ever does mathematics by referring to French Bulldogs now), but she settled for one though, and her name is Olive.

Notes from Chris

Episode 417

In 2014, Liz Bertorelli of Toronto, Canada had pretty much everything she could possibly want in life—a good job with a stable income, a roof over her head, and a loving and supportive friend and family base. But still, something was missing—you could say that there was a French Bulldog shaped hole in her life.

Now, this was nothing new for Liz who had been wanting a French Bulldog since the dawn of time, and anyone who knew her was well aware of her obsession with the adorable little pups. The only problem with this long rooted obsession was that the precious little “batpig” of Liz’s dreams cost more than almost all of her Apple products combined. Since she had already started “adulting” by this point, her days of selling lemonade at a stand on the street corner for extra cash were no longer a viable option anymore.

Determined to find a way to make her French Bulldog dreams a reality, she did what she’d do when faced with many of life’s tough questions—she turned to the internet. But despite having an abundance of information readily available for get-rich “opportunities” or multi-level marketing, her options boiled down to her making pennies answering surveys or possibly selling a kidney and calling it a day.

Unfortunately, this was a hard pass for Liz, but one day, (as she says it) something magical happened—she started working for Shopify as a Social Media Content Producer. This opened her mind to a whole new world of money-making ideas. Plus, it didn’t hurt that starting an e-commerce shop could actually help her be better at her job since it would effectively put her in the shoes of a merchant and help her see things from a customer’s perspective.

As a member of the LGBTQ community, it seemed only natural that she would create apparel that would be right at home in a Pride parade. On the morning of May 1, 2014, her site was built, and Bobo Academy, an LGBTQ apparel shop was born!

She didn’t even realize that she could have called it quits and bought her long-awaited “batpig” after three months (fun fact: with her revenue from November of 2016, she could have purchased three French Bulldogs), instead she just kept making bigger goals. Bobo Academy is still going strong and will be four years old in May of 2018.


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Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

Yours in the revolution,




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Quote of the Day
"Although bottles of red wine may get those creative juices flowing, an idea is a hard thing to come by. It can take you forever trying to come up with something but once you do, the rest will follow."
—Liz Bertorelli #SideHustleSchool

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