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Weekly Recap: When You Have Ideas But Don’t Take Action

In our third recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A!
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Notes from Chris

Episode 386

Today we have listener emails from Mark, Heidi, and Jenny and a listener question from Jonathan:

  • Mark: Hey Chris! My family and I have been listening to the podcast from the beginning and it is a huge inspiration to the kids and I. So inspirational we actually started our own this summer. Keep up the great work and maybe someday we can host you over here in Germany. We live in the Ramstein Area and there are almost 50 thousand Americans living here who would love to hear all about what you do!

  • Heidi: I have been with you since day one! Now that we are all in year two, I have a SHS listener tip. In year one, I was a passive listener, then a keen listener, then an active listener. I listen while I work. I am more focused this year on starting my hustle. I get so many takeaways from each episode that I now have a SHS notepad. It sits on my desk each morning when I listen. I take notes on anything that peaks my interest, resources that sound good to me and ideas I am having while I hear the stories. It's all percolating! This is helping me to look, review and start to formulate. I really liked the story of the listener that started the tee shirts from today. So exciting to hear from original listeners. I find that really inspiring, like that could be me! 

  • Jenny: Hey, Chris! I have to imagine that there are others out there who are interested in a side hustle but (like me) aren't sure what to do. I have a dozen ideas, but I can't seem to take action on any of them. It's getting a little discouraging, so I was wondering what you would say to those of us who want to start something but don't feel like we're good at anything in particular. 

    If you're like Jenny, here are a couple suggestions that may help: First, think about why you'd like to have a side hustle in the first place. Of all of the different benefits of having more than one source of income, what's most important to you? If you had a certain amount of money every month, what would that mean to you? Secondly, I would encourage you to create some kind of public accountability or set a deadline for yourself (or both!).

    Now you might have heard me talk about Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies model—in that model, Gretchen talks about how the four different tendencies (or personality types) respond differently to both inner and outer expectations. Some people (like yours truly) are resistant to both inner and outer expectations, but for the most part, you fall into one camp or the other. And this quiz may help you determine whether public accountability or a personal deadline would be more beneficial to you. 

  • Jonathan is a former addict, and he's looking to create a web resource for those struggling with addiction as his side hustle. He noticed that there were few resources available to those looking to integrate back into the world after they've gone through rehab, but he's not sure if it's something he could design to sell. He's looking for guidance on whether or not something like this is worth pursuing. 

If you have something you'd like to ask me or an update you'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a voice message on the website or call into the Side Hustle Hotline (Dial 844-9-HUSTLE // 844-948-7853), and your question may be featured on the show!


Here's what we heard this week on Side Hustle School! Listen to this week's recap for a more comprehensive highlight reel.

  • Ep. 380 - On a trip to Tokyo, a serial side hustler discovers popular stickers in Tokyo. He comes home, learns to produce his own, and earns six-figures in the first year of operation
  • Ep. 381 - After getting hurt on his first of 7 ultramarathons, a long-time side hustler builds an app to help other injured runners recover
  • Ep. 382 - A college-aged hustler creates a product line that pays homage to the African diaspora
  • Ep. 383 - Two friends in Europe set out to make their own line of dress shirts, despite having no knowledge of apparel or manufacturing
  • Ep. 384 - Frozen yogurt for dogs? Yep. It starts as one couple’s hobby, expands to a farmer’s market, and eventually earns a million dollars in sales
  • Ep. 385 - With zero cost, a graphic designer earns $20,000 and works virtually while hiking the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand
Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

Yours in the revolution,


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Here's what's coming up next...

Each week I'll feature more stories from people who are starting side hustles without quitting their job. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming next week:

  • An IBM employee in India creates a series of Microsoft Excel tutorials, earning hundreds of dollars per sale
  • After being told he had a voice for radio, a journalist stumbles into a profitable side hustle appearing in beer and soft drink commercials
  • This expat’s local pub quiz night started as a hobby. It turned into an idea to sell his collection of 5,000 trivia questions online, earning passive income month after month

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Quote of the Day
"To go from idea to action, create public accountability, set a deadline for yourself, or do both!"

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