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Aerospace Engineer Becomes Full-Time Rideshare Expert

A Boeing employee earns $34,000 referring drivers to Lyft, then sets out to become an industry expert. His site now earns six-figures annually and receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.
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What It's About

An engineer takes a starter side hustle to the next level.

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Words of Wisdom

Harry's Advice to listeners: once you find the right project, be consistent. He's posted an article every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for over three years and never misses a day—not even for holidays!

He also says that you don't always have to be the best, sometimes you just have to be determined. According to Harry, there isn't a single other blogger in his industry that has come close to keeping up with that type of volume so consistently for 3+ years.

Fun Fact

Harry's 'classical training' is as an aerospace engineer and up until 2014, he worked full-time as an aerospace engineer for Boeing. Harry was a structural analyst working on scribe lines on old 757 aircraft.

Fun fact: Scribe lines are microscopic scratches on a plane that happen most often when metal tools are used to remove decals (instead of approved plastic for example) and over thousands of flights, the scratches get bigger and bigger and can cause cracking which is bad.

Notes from Chris

Episode 375

Like some of our featured stories, Harry Campbell’s side hustling life began at an early age. For him, it started in the high school lunchroom. His mom made the best lunches, and the other kids would offer him money for them. So Harry started asking his mom for two bags of chips, two Snapples and sometimes even two sandwiches and he would re-sell the extra items to his classmates for a 100% profit. His best customer was a girl in English class who bought a bag of chips every day.

Later he became an aerospace engineer working for Boeing. The job paid well, and when Harry started driving for Uber and Lyft on the side, some of his friends and co-workers made fun of him. Why did he need to ferry people around?

Well, for Harry, it wasn’t so much about the money he earned for each ride, it was the idea and the opportunity. He also started driving in 2015, when the rideshare companies were desperate to sign up drivers and began awarding a lot of incentives for referrals.

In fact, the incentives were much more lucrative than the actual driving. He first signed up for Lyft, but then earned $500 for joining Uber and completing a single ride. He also hit the motherlode of incentives when Lyft ran a promotion offering new drivers $1,000 for doing one ride, and paid the referring driver $1,000 as well. In other words, they were paying $2,000 to acquire a driver who might only work for them once.

Harry spent three days trying to convince everyone he knew to sign up. People told him it sounded like a scam, but it wasn’t—he ended up referring 34 drivers and earning $34,000.

At first, the The Rideshare Guy site was just another side hustle. Harry made around $25,000 from it that first year which was a lot more than he was expecting. But traffic was growing, he was starting to get more media attention, and he figured that if he went full time on the site, the numbers would only get better.

That’s exactly what happened. In his first year of full-time work, the business made over $100,000 in profit and has only continued to grow.


  • The Rideshare Guy: Get a sneak peek behind how Harry manages to make six-figures through referrals on his blog
  • Wordpress: Harry used Wordpress to create The Rideshare Guy, and here you can learn how to install your own Wordpress site in 5 minutes

Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

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Quote of the Day
"I think finding the right side hustle is all about trying lots of different things. It's important to do your due diligence and research ideas without jumping right in but at a certain point, you need to just start trying a lot of different things."
—Harry Campbell #SideHustleSchool

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