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Pottery Barn Commissions Art from Independent Photographer

How an independent photographer ended up creating a hustle that brings in a third of her total income.
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What It's About

An independent photographer sells her artwork through Pottery Barn.

Business Model
Arts & Crafts
Skills Required
Photography & Marketing
Profit Potential

Words of Wisdom

There are several benefits to the way Ana sells her work:

  • Her work can sell at any time of day and to anywhere in the world and she doesn't have to worry about shipping, returns or anything else regarding fulfillment.
  • Anyone who is interested in buying her photos can do so as soon as they want and not have to wait to hear back from Ana.

Fun Fact

While the Pottery Barn story is a good hook, Ana continues to diversify her side hustle to include a few different platforms. This provides her with the potential to increase her income and protect herself from changes on those platforms.

This work isn’t just about money for Ana, it’s also about freedom. She makes something that she loves. She gets paid for it and appreciated for it—her photography is hanging in people’s living rooms all over the country.



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Quote of the Day
"My first sale was the catalyst to what I do now, and it showed me that what I wanted could be achieved. "
—Ana V. Ramirez #SideHustleSchool

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