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Avid Travelers Turn Finding Deals Into Vacation Planning Side Income

A couple in Washington, D.C. convert their passion for travel into a side hustle planning all-inclusive surprise vacations for those who lack the time to do it themselves.
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What It's About

A couple uses their travel deal savvy to plan amazing travel experiences for others.

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The idea for The Vacation Hunt came to Roshni and Jeff this past January. Their friends and co-workers would always say stuff like "Oh, I'd love to go there but maybe in a few years when I save up" or "I just don't have time to plan a trip like that." With their years of experience finding travel deals and organizing their own trips, they realized that this might be a need that they could fill.

Is there a need that you can fill that will save people time and/or money? It could lead to a successful side hustle!

Fun Fact

The best trip Roshni and Jeff have planned so far was a mother-daughter bonding adventure for a mom who wanted to give a unique graduation gift. It was a challenge finding a location that the duo had not yet been and that could fit into a week, but The Vacation Hunt landed on Japan and with only two weeks notice, planned a trip for the women to see the sights of Tokyo then take a train to Kyoto for an overnight stay in a Buddhist temple with monks on Mount Koya, one of Japan's holiest mountains.

Notes from Chris

Episode 174

Accountant Roshni Agarwal and her engineer husband Jeff are keen travelers, and when given the opportunity, they’re always down for a new experience. As an avid deal hunter, Roshni is naturally always on the lookout for a money saving adventure.

  When she found a discount on tickets to Chile, she knew it would be the perfect 30th birthday gift for Jeff, who after hearing of a friend’s expensive guided tour the year before had been wanting to go to Patagonia. She bought the tickets and planned the trip, but kept the destination and itinerary a surprise from her husband.

  Upon returning from their adventure, and telling their friends how they saw penguins, hiked Patagonia and explored the Atacama Desert all in one week, the common response was awe of how much they were able to do in a week and for so little money, too.

  It just takes planning, said Roshni.

  When a friend joked that she would pay to have them plan a trip like that for her, the idea of The Vacation Hunt was born!


  • The Vacation Hunt: Read more about the travel packages Roshni and Jeff offer on their website!
  • SquareSpace: Roshni and Jeff used Squarespace to setup their website for The Vacation Hunt

Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

Yours in the revolution,


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"Think about the skills that you already possess and see if they overlap with a need that isn't being satisfied. There's plenty of money to be made with services that save people time and money!"
—Roshni & Jeff Agarwal #SideHustleSchool

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