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WEEKLY RECAP: Baked Goods, Terrariums, and Hip Hop

In our twentieth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!
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Notes from Chris

Episode 141

Each week, there will be a new question and an opportunity for you to share your side hustle journey on the show!

Now that we've been doing this for a while, do you have a side hustle idea or one that you're actively working on, and if so, what is it?

To send in your response either leave me a voice message, call our Side Hustle Hotline at 844-9-HUSTLE (844-948-7853), or make a voice memo on your phone and email it to me at podcast@sidehustleschool.com


Our listener questions for this week come to us from Kunal in India and Heather in Arizona:

  • Kunal has been listening to the show for a while now, and he's been inspired to start a podcast of his very own in his local language featuring business minded people and experts! Of course, this would be the first time Kunal has tried to do something like this, so he's not quite sure where to start and is looking for a plan that he can use to get started.
  • Heather has decided to launch a side hustle selling kits for a niche market that she has lots of experience in, but she doesn't really have much experience selling online. Being the research junkie that she is, she's overwhelmed by all of the different options and opinions online. She wants to keep her costs low, but at this point, she'd rather pay someone with lots of experience who can tell her what to do. Her question—does this kind of 1-on-1 coaching exist?
Listen to the Weekly Recap for a more comprehensive look at this week's Listener Q&A. Also, if you have a question you'd like answered, send me a voice message. Your question may be featured on the show!

NEW: You can now call in from your phone and leave me a voicemail! Dial 844-9-HUSTLE // 844-948-7853 and leave a message with your comment or question for the show.


If you're like Kunal in one of today's listener questions, here are some resources to help you start your own podcast.

  • Apple Podcasts Podcast Overview: The Hub that Apple Podcasts has set up for those looking for resources to help them start their podcasts
  • Audacity: The free, open source, cross-platform audio software I use for multi-track recording and editing for the show
  • John Lee Dumas' Podcast Workflow & Free Podcast Course: John is a friend of mine, and he offered me a lot of really great advice when I was getting Side Hustle School started. Here's a link to his podcast workflow and his free podcast course!


    Here are some quick highlights for each episode this week. Listen to this week's recap for a more comprehensive highlight reel.

    • Ep. 135 - A story about an avid plant collector in the UK who makes the most out of a temporary unemployment situation by building and selling glass terrariums
    • Ep. 136 - In this story featuring a baked goods side hustle, we take a look at co-packing and how you can use another company to create your food based product according to your specifications, in the quantity you need
    • Ep. 137 - A web developer develops an audio system that helps medical students memorize human anatomy and creates a passive side income of $800/month
    • Ep. 138 - A web developer and a faceless artist in Florida team up with celebrities on Instagram to promote hip hop glitter pendants. Thug life has never looked so shiny!
    • Ep. 139 - Adventures in creating homemade presents for friends and family lead a Beyoncé-obsessed duo to lip balm world domination. Bonus: learn Abraham Lincoln’s favorite dessert recipes
    • Ep. 140 - A fantastic success story about how a Texas oncology nurse builds her own handmade hair care line that brings in an additional $80k a year on the side
    Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

    Yours in the revolution,


Side Hustle School Live:

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You need more than one source of income. This in-person workshop (NOT available online) will show you exactly how to set up your first—or your fifth—hustle. We just added two more dates to the lineup for August! Here's where I'll be next:

  • Washington, D.C. - June 8th
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  • Portland, OR - August 19th
  • Anaheim, CA - August 20th

Don’t See Your City? Let me know where you live! I’ll use your input to decide on future workshop locations. If we get enough people together in your city, I’ll be there.

Here's what's coming up next...

Each week I'll feature more stories from people who are starting side hustles without quitting their job. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming next week:

  • A busy high-school teacher uploads more than 600 digital products to a peer-to-peer sharing site, where she’s paid a royalty for each sale
  • Tired of battling split ends and hair breakage, a fashion and lifestyle blogger switches to satin pillowcases. She then learns to make and sell her own, earning six-figures annually
  • Adventures in creating homemade presents for friends and family lead a Beyoncé-obsessed duo to lip balm world domination. Bonus: learn Abraham Lincoln’s favorite dessert recipes

Do you have a side hustle story you'd like to share? Fill out the Side Hustle School submission form and your story may be featured on the show!



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"The biggest mistake in choosing which online tools to use is getting hung up on making a choice at all. Just pick something and get moving! If you want to change it later, it’s not that hard."

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