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CLASSROOM: The 6 Factors of Persuasion, Part I

Learning to be persuasive is a scientific process based on six important characteristics. This is high-impact knowledge! Applying these lessons WILL make a difference in the offers you create.
classroom Persuasion

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What It's About

How to get people to listen and respond the way you want them to.

Notes from Chris

Episode 1199
In recent Classroom episodes, we’ve looked at choosing your idea, how to convert that idea into a product or service, how to determine what’s essential, and so on.

Last week was all about The Power of Your Own Small Army, a relevant topic to me in the age of no book touring.

This week and next week we’re going to talk about persuasion. This is a topic that is so important it’s divided into two weeks. If you can learn some basic psychological principles of selling… understanding why people make purchasing decisions, it’s something you can apply over and over for the rest of your side hustling journey.

It’s a lot like learning some basic tech skills. You don’t need to be a programmer, but if you can learn your way around Wordpress and how to set up an email campaign, etc. - you’ll have a major advantage over the previous version of yourself that didn’t know those things.

Think of it as Minimum Viable Knowledge, or high-impact knowledge. A little knowledge goes a long way.

Persuasion is the art of getting people to believe or act in the way you want them to. As applied to marketing, it’s effectively the art of making the sale … which begins with convincing people that they NEED (not want) what you are selling. The more they feel that way, the less effort will be required to get them to say yes.

How you do this is both an art and a science. Let’s talk mostly about the science. Cialdini and other researchers discovered a few specific characteristics that most influence purchasing decisions. All things being equal, the more of these characteristics you have in your offer (and the stronger they are—it’s not just about them being present), the more people will respond.

We’ll look at all of them in some detail, both what they are and how you demonstrate them in your offer, and any of your messaging (sales copy, emails, etc.). You want to think about these things as you create both your product and your pitch.

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How can you make a small but significant improvement (a tweak) in each of the three areas we discussed: authority, commitment and consistency, and social proof?

  Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

Yours in the revolution,


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