How to Create an Online Course

Sharing your knowledge can be one of the most powerful and profitable models for making money on the side. How do you do it?

First, you need the right topic. Choose something specific, and focus on benefits. It doesn’t matter if your course has forty-eight different modules and a voice-controlled system that will give you daily affirmations. It matters if it will make your customer a better person, solve a big problem for them, or otherwise improve their life. Craft everything around these needs!

Next, you need the right platform. How will you deliver your course material to customers? There are a lot of options for this, both simple and not-so-simple. I’ll include some of our current recommendations at the link below.

Last—but definitely not least—you need to spend time and energy on understanding your ideal customer, and knowing how to communicate with them. This is the essence of successful marketing: building relationships, making promises, and keeping them.


100 Side Hustles

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