What Is a Side Hustle?

You may have heard the phrase “side hustle” before picking up this book, and maybe you even have one yourself. But what is it, exactly?

Since side hustle can mean a lot of different things, let’s get specific on how we use it here.

A side hustle IS NOT:

  • A second job or other form of employment that you go to after your 9 to 5 (or whatever your main gig is)
  • Something that drains your energy without providing a substantial reward
  • A hobby or something you just do for fun, without any goal of making money

In other words, a side hustle should be both profitable and fun.

A side hustle IS:

  • Something you have control over (you’re the one making the decisions)
  • An asset you build for yourself so that you have more options (even if you love your job)
  • A different kind of work than what you do for your day job

The people whose stories are told in this book should clearly illustrate the difference. They’re hard workers, but they’re working for a purpose.


100 Side Hustles

Coming June 4, 2019