3 Keys to a Successful Side Hustle


Hey there, welcome back!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s message. Remember: you need a side hustle, and you don’t have to quit your job to start one.

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OK, if you’re not scared off yet, let’s get to work…

When people start their first hustle, they tend to make a couple of common mistakes. This is partly because they’ve never done it before, but also because not everything you read about “starting a business” is relevant to them. It’s not your fault! You just haven’t been told the right things.

So here are three extremely important keys to success:

First, don’t start with something you know nothing about.

You’re not trying to quit your job and found a tech startup; you’re trying to create something that brings you more freedom. Therefore, if you don’t know how to make apps, your idea probably shouldn’t be “make an app.”

That’s lesson one: start with something you already know. Many of the stories I share on the show have nothing to do with advanced technology. They’re about meeting needs and being helpful. And they’re almost always about using the skills you already have.

Second, don’t spend money… at least not much.

When most people start thinking about hustles, they think they should get out a spreadsheet and make a budget. If you like spreadsheets, that’s cool—but you need to think much more about how the hustle will make money, not what you should spend for it.

Most hustles can be started on the cheap. Always, always, always keep expenses low, and especially when starting out.


Third, work hard but don’t forget to have fun!

A side hustle is like a hobby, with one key difference: instead of costing money, this hobby brings you money. It should also be fun, and something you look forward to.

Therefore, when you’re trying to decide which idea to pursue, as long as you’re sure the ideas under consideration have real potential, you should do what you’re excited about. Don’t do something just because you think it will make money. Pursue both goals.

If you don’t know how to apply this knowledge yet, that’s okay. A lot of things will make more sense as you go along.

Remember, every day on Side Hustle School, there’s a new episode that teaches these lessons through a different story of a real-life side hustler. There’s more to this series, too. Tomorrow I’ll send you a message called “Opportunities Are Everywhere.”

Stay tuned! This can change your life.

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