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Learn the proven process that has worked for thousands of people. The Society training includes video and audio modules, our community forum, and several bonuses.

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Head over to the community forum and get feedback on your side hustle ideas. You can also share a short introduction of yourself and let us know what you’re working on.


1. Module 1 - The Side Hustle Way

Everyone needs more than one source of income, even if they love their job. In this module, you’ll learn the side hustle manifesto and preview the five-stage process we’ll use for the rest of the training.

2. Module 2 - Different Kinds of Hustles

There are three main categories of side hustles: products, services, and “everything else.” Which category is best? It depends partly on the particular idea, and partly on your personality.

3. Module 3 - Ideas: Good, Bad, Interesting, Profitable

Curiosity and the willingness to act are the most important traits of successful people. And whenever possible, choose next-level ideas over starter ideas.

4. Module 4 - Which Idea Should You Choose?

Learn to use the Side Hustle Selector™, a tool to help you make decisions and narrow down your options. The tool measures five characteristics of any project: feasibility, profit potential, efficiency, timeliness, and motivations.

5. Module 5 - Idea to Offer

People don’t buy ideas, they buy products and services. Whenever you think of ideas, learn to convert them into offers as soon as possible.

6. Module 6 - Nuts & Bolts

What do you need to get started? Make a list! This module touches on some basic options for creating a website, along with some specific recommendations.

7. Module 7 - Regroup and Refine

Once your project is out in the world, what comes next? Maybe it’s a success right away, but most likely you’ll need to do more work. Good news: more work usually equals more money.

8. Module 8 - Bringing it All Together

A recap of the Side Hustle School process, along with answers to questions submitted by inaugural Society members and via Twitter.


Day 01
A side hustle has many benefits and no downside. It all starts with your answer to an important question: Twenty-seven days from now, what will be different about your life?
Day 02
Some hustle ideas are better than others. Learn the three qualities that make for a great idea, and understand how to find ones with the most potential.
Day 03
Side hustle ideas are all around you. Using what you’ve learned about high-potential ideas, it’s time to brainstorm, borrow, or steal at least three possibilities for your hustle.
Day 04
Now that you have several ideas up your sleeve, let’s look at them more closely to see which one has the most potential.
Day 05
To estimate the profit of your side hustle, you don’t need a finance degree or a scientific calculator. You just need a napkin, a pen, and the power of observation.
Day 06
Once you start thinking about side hustles, the ideas don’t stop. This tool will show you how to apply “Tinder for Hustling” logic to pick the best one at any given time.
Day 07
As you move forward with an idea, take a look at what other people are doing. Then, do it better—or at least differently.
Day 08
There’s one person out there who fits the profile of your target customer. What can you learn from them?
Day 09
Once you have a great idea and an ideal customer, you need to transform the idea into an offer. An offer has a promise, a pitch, and a price.
Day 10
Like a comic book superhero, your side hustle needs a history. Don’t just give ’em the facts; tell them a story.
Day 11
Resourcefulness is your most valuable hustle skill. Get all the logistics out of the way so you can focus on more important things.
Day 12
Pricing can be a challenge even for experienced hustlers. Use the cost-plus model and follow two easy guidelines for much higher odds of success.
Day 13
Your hustle will require specific tools, resources, and deliverables. Learn to find, gather, or create everything you’ll need to bring your offer into the world.
Day 14
You’ve got a lot more than just an idea now—you’re well under way to a real-life side hustle. Before proceeding, make sure you’ve also got a real-life way to get paid for it.
Day 15
You’re almost to launch week. By listing out your next steps in an ordered fashion, you’ll prevent mishaps and feel more confident.
Day 16
Many new hustlers get caught up in mundane details. Avoid that trap from the beginning, and keep your focus on just two things.
Day 17
When’s the best time to get your offer out in the world and see what happens? Usually before you feel totally confident.
Day 18
Even with a great product or service, and a great offer to make your pitch, magic money doesn’t usually fall from the sky. Channel your inner Girl Scout and make some sales!
Day 19
No man is an island, and few side hustles thrive without the help of friends and supporters. As you begin hustling, don’t hesitate to ask friends, family, and maybe even your mail carrier to join your cause.
Day 20
When you’re beginning a new hustle, you don’t usually know which approach will be the most effective. To find out, try different things and keep a record of results.
Day 21
There’s a very good reason why most of us will go out of our way to buy something that’s on sale. Master the benefits of deals, discounts, and special offers—then put them to work for you.
Day 22
Take time to celebrate your initial achievements. There’s more work to be done, but small victories can be disproportionately satisfying.
Day 23
As you learn more about the response to your hustle, take note of the most crucial metrics—then take action on what you learn.
Day 24
As your hustle grows, there are countless options to expand. Don’t get distracted—identify what’s working and do more of that.
Day 25
If everything’s going well, consider adding another version of it to better serve your customers. After all, if you saw a million dollars on the side of the road, wouldn’t you pick it up?
Day 26
Every hustle has key systems. Yours are probably stored in your head—and that’s not always wise. To make significant improvements (and save more time) as you expand your hustle, systemize wherever you can.
Day 27
You’ve come to the end of the road . . . or is it the beginning? Decide whether to part ways with your first idea and try something else, keep growing it, or simply turn it into an ongoing source of income.