Member Resources (A Work in Progress…)

Everything you need to start your hustle (besides the awesome SHS community, of course!) We’re starting with a basic resources page, and as we go along we’ll add to it. Let us know what you’d like to see here.

Partner Resources & Free Stuff

Want to build any kind of website for your hustle? If so, you’ll need somewhere to host it! This is the reliable company I’ve used for my past 5 websites. You can get support 24 hours a day. Don’t overpay: get your own hosting plan for less than $5 a month!

Best for: anyone who needs a website (chances are, you probably will at some point)

Get a 21-day free trial of any version of Shopify. This service makes it easy (like really easy) to create professional-looking websites without becoming a programmer or spending a ton of time. It also comes with its own payment processor, so you’ll be ready to accept credit cards without doing anything else.

Best for: anyone who wants to sell a physical product

Social media is nice, but building an email list is still the single best way to get customers and clients for your hustle. It’s not hard to get started—sign up for a 30-day trial and join the list-building challenge!

Best for: anyone who wants to build an audience

If you’re going to have a side hustle, you need a small business credit card—and this is the very best. You’ll earn a signup bonus of 80,000 Ultimate Rewards points, which can be transferred to your choice of 11 travel partners. Then, you’ll earn points and miles for every dollar you spend.

Best for: anyone who wants miles and points to travel!

My last book, Born for This, is all about how to find the work you were meant to do. If you’ve never had an account before, you can get it free by signing up for a trial. Naturally, they hope you’ll stick around, but that’s up to you.


Other Options for Turnkey Websites

These three common options have been used by many of the featured side hustles who’ve appeared on the show.

This is different from, which offers a FREE platform you can install on your InMotion hosting account (or any other host). has a monthly fee, but they handle the hosting and installation for you.

Another plug-and-play option that makes it easy to build a good-looking site without being a coder (yet also allows for a fair amount of customization)

Offering a free plan and several premium plans (most people will eventually want to upgrade), this popular service offers several different ways of putting together any kind of website


Platforms to Experiment with Hustling

These platforms have been featured in various SHS episodes. Each have pros and cons, and most of them specialize in a particular area.

Creative Market is platform that is perfect for photographers and designers and ideal for handcrafted, “mousemade” design content from independent creatives all around the world.(see episode 26)

Gumroad is an all-in-one solution for creative people looking to sell their work directly to their audience, and you can easily accept payments online (see episode 11)

Etsy is the world’s largest homemade marketplace and ideal to help you get started selling your products today (see episode 6)

 Looking for an easy way to experiment with offering services? Testing out your ideas on Fiverr can help you develop your product or service (see episode 5)

With the Amazon Associates program you can get paid simply for linking to (see episode 2)

You can store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and they will pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for all of your products. Best of all, FBA can help you scale your business and reach more customers (see episode 19).

Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!


Yours in the revolution,